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LEGO Batman Movie The Joker Balloon Escape 70900

$14.99 $11.99

LEGO Batman Movie The Riddler Riddle Racer 70903

$29.99 $18.99

LEGO Batman Movie Clayface Splat Attack 70904

$34.99 $24.99

Batman Movie - Scarecrow Special Delivery Vehicle

only $20.99

LEGO Batman Movie The Scuttler 70908

only $83.00

LEGO Batman Movie Killer Croc Tail-Gator 70907

only $70.19

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Welcome to your #1 Online Source in Building and Construction Toy Set

Best Building Blocks for Kids focus’ on LEGO® since they have been the #1 leader in building sets for generations and for their wide assortment of theme kits. However, many of the other major manufactures are covered here as well, such as:  Elenco® Snap On, Erector®MagFormers®Mega Bloks®Nano blocksMicro blocksK'NexTinkertoys®Keva®Lincoln® LogsMelissa & Doug®Laser PegsGears, Gears and More®MagnaTiles®CMS® and Infiniti® Zoob®.

Please remember when buying for young children, it is important that you check the specifications and age recommended for each toy or set to insure the enjoyment and safety of the child. We have added age ranges (where possible) to assist you. We want your purchase to be enjoyable and safe for the whole family. Note: Our age searches are suggestion of the manufacturer not ours.  Our "best ideas" are based on customer reviews and comments.  

We also we want you to check out the products from a child's point of view. So each of our main categories and sets will have a video for your pleasure.

Meet Evan and check out his channel of a wide assortment of building blocks from different manufactures. Enjoy his and his sister's comments. Now that is a CREATIVE FAMILY!

Until we meet Again! Barb & Walt

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